Volunteer Resources

Community Connections Coordinator

The ANC’s Community Connections Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, screening, training, placing, and supporting volunteers. Any suggestions, questions, or concerns should be directed to the Coordinator at volunteer@ancnl.ca or (709) 722-9680.

Volunteer Orientation

The ANC is committed to training volunteers for their potential placements through sessions which introduce them to the organization, discuss volunteer opportunities in greater detail, as well as highlight the goals, requirements, and supports available to new volunteers. Volunteers also learn about many topics relevant to assisting immigrants, including:

  • ANC programs and services;
  • Reasons immigrants come to Canada;
  • Information on immigrants’ countries of origin;
  • Adjustment challenges and needs of immigrants;
  • Culture shock;
  • Cultural sensitivity; and,
  • Defining boundaries.

Volunteer Information and Refresher Sessions

In order to ensure volunteers remain engaged and are provided with up-to-date information, the ANC has developed a series of workshops to support the professional development of new and existing volunteers. Some past sessions have included English as a Second Language (ESL) Tips & Tricks, Diversity Training, and Working with Vulnerable Populations.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Resources
The Association has a variety of ESL resources available for volunteer tutors. These resources can be borrowed or photocopied. Please forward requests for resources to the Community Connections Coordinator at volunteer@ancnl.ca or (709) 722-9680.

In addition, these online resources are also available free of charge:

Additional volunteer resources: