Become a Volunteer

The Community Connections Coordinator finds the best fit for volunteers based on:

  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Age
  • Gender (when necessary)
  • Location
  • Volunteer needs (e.g., time constraints)

In addition, the ANC has developed a rigorous volunteer screening process to ensure that individuals are linked with the most suitable opportunities. This is in the best interests of the client and volunteer. The screening process has been developed from the guidelines set out by the National Education Campaign on Screening Volunteers and Employees in Positions of Trust with Children and other Vulnerable Clients.

The screening process includes the following:

  • Step 2: Participate in an informal interview
    • Once the application has been reviewed, the Community Connections Coordinator will contact the applicant for an informal interview (to discuss an applicant’s interests and the volunteer needs of the ANC).
  • Step 3: Provide references
    • After the interview, the ANC will request:
      • Three character references (the Community Connections Coordinator will provide a web-link to a survey or hard-copy form for references to fill out).
      • Clean Certificate of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector checks from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) (or the RCMP if not located in St. John’s, Corner Brook, or Labrador West). If you do not have valid checks within the last six months, the ANC can request that applicable fees be waived. The Community Connections Coordinator will provide the RNC with forms to fill out.
  • Step 4: Participate in a Volunteer Orientation Session
    • Once an applicant has completed the screening process, they must attend a Volunteer Orientation Session. Depending on timing, this step may be completed before Step 3. The Community Connections Coordinator will provide an overview of ANC services and volunteer opportunities either one-on-one or in a group setting, depending on volunteer needs.
  • Step 5: Volunteer!
    • Once all steps have been successfully completed, an applicant can begin volunteering after being contacted by the Community Connections Coordinator. The Coordinator will then set up a meeting between the volunteer and immigrant to make the initial introductions.