Below is a selection of available workshops. All workshops are designed to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding while building cultural intelligence.

To discuss specifically-tailored workshop options, please contact:

Western Newfoundland:

Cultural Competency Toolkit

Designed to provide employers with the information they need to take advantage of an increasingly diverse workforce in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Cultural Competency Toolkit explores key issues in employment while also providing practical tools and strategies to integrate immigrants into the provincial workforce. Each workshop includes a set of takeaway resources for participants. The workshops in the series are:

• Workshop 1: The Business Case for Diversity
• Workshop 2: Culturally Inclusive Hiring Practices
• Workshop 3: Creating a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace
• Workshop 4: Engaging and Retaining a Culturally Diverse Workforce

For employers who have recently hired immigrants, the ANC offers a supplementary workshop to help orient them to Canadian workplace norms. While it is possible to register in any of the workshops as standalone training modules, participants will benefit most from the series if they register for each workshop consecutively.

Employers who are new to workplace diversity should begin the training by registering for Workshop 1: The Business Case for Diversity.