Children and Youth Programs (CAYP)

Updated April 20, 2021

Please note: Our offices are following the best advice of public health authorities to minimize the threat of COVID-19. The Child and Youth Programs team continues to support parents and students through telephone, e-mail, videoconferencing and in-person when necessary, strictly following all PPE and other COVID-19 protocols.  Please e-mail us for more information.

The ANC’s Children and Youth Programs division (CAYP) is designed to identify and meet the needs of refugee and immigrant children and youth. The goals of the program are to assist children, youth, and their families as they transition into the Canadian school system, as well as to create an environment that is accepting and welcoming of diversity.

Services offered include:

  • Providing an orientation to the Canadian school system
  • Providing guidance and information to help immigrant students cope with everyday issues
  • Delivering non-therapeutic services to immigrant children and youth experiencing difficulties adjusting to life in Canada
  • Providing links between immigrant students and internal/external resources in the community and/or school
  • Supporting parents as children transition into the Canadian school system
  • Facilitating translation and interpretation services in schools
  • Developing and implementing activities and programs that promote a more inclusive school environment
  • Assisting teachers/administrators in the education of immigrant children and youth

Supports are offered in elementary, junior high, and high schools within the Newfoundland and Labrador English and French School Districts.

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