Board of Directors

  • Barbara Albrechtsons  (Member at Large)
  • Mary Ennis (Member at Large)
  • Sean Fitzgerald  (Chair/President )
  • Bridget Foster, Honourary Member (Member at Large)
  • Carol McDonald (Past President)
  • Eduardo Martinez Pedroza (Treasurer)
  • Mohinder Grewal (Vice President)

Senior Management Team

  • Megan  Morris Executive Director
    Ph: 709-726-6885*      Email
  • Suzy Haghighi Director of Settlement Services
    Ph: 709-722-9680*     Email
  • Eileen Kelly-Freake Director of Employment Services (AXIS) 
    Ph: 709-579-1780*      Email
  • Jim Murphy Director of Language Services
     Ph: 709-726-6848*     Email
  • Sandra Pynn Director of Finance
    Ph: 709-722-9680*      Email 
  • Libby Angel Manager, Human Resources, PSR, and Special Projects
    Ph: 709-726-3759*      Email
  • James Baker, Senior Manager, Programs and Research
    Ph: 709-726-3759*      Email

Media Inquiries

  • Jean Graham, Communications, Marketing and Media Co-ordinator
    Ph: 709-552-8462*      Email

*NOTE: Due to COVID-19, most ANC personnel are working remotely. We recommend e-mail for communication.