Notes for Video Shooting

Schedule for video recording

Friday, Dec. 11
          10 a.m – noon          ESL Centre (School staff, transportation)
          3 p. m – 4 p.m.         AXIS

Monday, Dec. 14
           9:30 a.m. – noon    Military Road (Settlement, inc. CAYP)
           Afternoon                Upper and Lower Tiffany
           5 p.m.                       Deadline for non-St. John’s staff to send video links

Tips for making your own video

We want as many ANC staff involved as we can get. If you aren’t in St. John’s (or can’t make it to your unit’s scheduled shoot), please follow these guidelines:

  1. Sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and/or wave and say “Merry Christmas!/Happy Holidays!/Seasons Greetings! or whatever works for you — feel free to use a language other than English for either the singing or the spoken greeting.
  2. Best quality videos will come if you use your phone, rather than your computer camera. So — a video shot on your phone is better than Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Pro tip; Use your phone’s front camera, not the one you would use for a selfie.
  3. Use horizontal orientation in the highest resolution possible (long side of the phone top and bottom of the shot).
  4. Please remember these are COVID times — if there is more than one person in the video you MUST all wear masks. 
  5. Send the video (or a link to it) to Zay Nova: