Youth Pathways Program

Youth Pathways Program

The 6-week Youth Pathways Program focuses on pre-employment skills and 1:1 consulting for newcomer youth ages 15 to 30. The goal is to maximize participants’ potential to join the workforce, program content centers on educational pathways, employability skills, and workplace culture. Program features include skill development, experiential and volunteer activities, career advice, etc. Participants will develop a personal portfolio based on their educational and pre-employment needs. Program outcomes include full-time or part-time work, summer jobs, internships, apprenticeships and volunteer experiences.

Length of the program: 8 Weeks 
Schedule: Offered every 2 months 


  • To provide educational pathways and pre-employment supports to newcomer youth (aged 15-30)
  • To offer supports at language levels suitable for ESL learners
  • To develop employment support networks through collaborative community partnerships
  • To provide timely career orientation to select appropriate programs for their post secondary education

Teaching Points

  • Educational Pathways
  • Pre-employment Skills Training
  • Personal Portfolio Completion
  • Workplace Essentials
  • 1:1 Consulting

Our Sponsors

For partnerships, contact:

Valerie Pike
Youth Employment Navigator

To apply to the program, contact:

Nataliya Boyko
Program Facilitator


Phuong Tran
Youth Employment Navigator