Cook to Connect Program

Cook to Connect Program

Cook to Connect is an initiative by the ANC and with support from Future Skills Centre’s Shock-proofing the Future of Work initiative. The objective of the program is to help participants gain necessary skills  to operate a food business. The skills training is provided on essentials of food preparation, hands-on culinary skills training, managing a kitchen and relevant skills. Furthermore, other important skills are also important for running a business like introduction to financial transactions, customer service, budgeting and industry-specific English language training are also offered as part of the program.

Cook to Connect is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.

Length of the program:  1 Year (six (6) months of hands-on culinary skills training and industry-specific English language training, followed by six months of work in a cloud kitchen offering catering services and food delivery)

Schedule: Offered every 6 months 

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Aisha Umar
Project Lead