Coding for Success Program

Coding for Success

The tech sector in Canada and in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador is growing rapidly. The demand for highly trained employees is growing in lockstep with the demand, so much so that major tech companies are often looking for talent outside the local community, hiring international employees in the process. In response to this anticipated tech sector need, ANC offers the “Coding for Success” program for youth from Grade 6 to 12 with the aim of providing an opportunity for the newcomer population to learn about coding/programming and to explore career opportunities. Furthermore, through hands-on coding activities, participants were able to deepen their understanding of coding and and given an opportunity to explore their interest in pursuing careers and education related to coding. 

Length of the program: 8 Weeks 
Schedule: Offered every 3 months 


  • To introduce concepts of coding at an early stage of education
  • To provide orientation on post secondary education options that involve coding
  • To understand the growing needs and international job market
  • To have a better understanding of the applications of coding in diverse fields
  • To acquaint with the terminologies and latest programming languages used in software development industry

Teaching Points

  • Importance and career in coding
  • Gamification of coding activities
  • Applications of coding in different areas
  • Coding in software development
  • Benefits of coding
  • Guest speakers on selected topics related to coding

Our Sponsors

For partnerships, contact:

Umar Shaik
Project Lead, Coding for Success


To apply to the program, contact:

Nataliya Boyko
Program Facilitator