Agriculture Training Program

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Agriculture Training Program


The program offers basic training in the agricultural sectors to connect newcomers and refugees to mentors and arranges an internship after the training. It covers a number of farming topics such as soil, crops and vegetables, greenhouse and nursery as well as a few safety courses including WHMIS. Successful trainees will gain clear ideas as to where/how to start a farm or start a career in the agriculture areas in Newfoundland.


Length of the program: 10 weeks of training + 3 weeks of mentorship + 12 weeks of internship

Schedule: Offered every 4 months





  • To introduce individuals to agriculture processes in the province
  • To provide training in greenhouse and farming techniques
  • To help address food insecurity
  • To help participants secure employment in either the farming or greenhouse businesses
  • To utilize existing knowledge and training to secure relevant employment

Teaching Points


  • Training
  • Mentorship
  • Paid internships
  • Prospects of jobs in local farmers
  • Becoming an independent farmer



Our Advisors

  • OJ Lien – Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture 
  • Evan Murray – Murray’s Garden Centre
  • Aaron Rogers – O’Brien Farm Foundation
  • Aaron Hickey – Hickeys Greenhouses

Our Sponsors 

Our Partners

For partnerships, contact:

Priyasakthi Muthukrishnan
Project Lead, Agriculture Training Program 

To apply to the program, contact:

Nataliya Boyko
Program Facilitator