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The ANC’s mandate is to empower newcomers with the skills, knowledge, and information necessary to become independent, contributing members of the community and country.  In addition to settlement and English language programs, this is achieved with an array of on-site and online employment-related programming to support newcomers working in the province. Newcomers arrive in Canada with various levels of education and work experience, and employment programming is offered to newcomers to build individual skills and thrive in the workplace. 

Continuous client assessment and needs, along with the current and future needs of the local workforce help identify skills for career development. To aid in this goal the ANC has designed several professional programs that are offered for free to  newcomers and refugees. E-ASCENT is our new initiative within ANC that offers these professional programs. The mission of E-ASCENT is to deliver exceptional services to clients that addresses the needs of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Engagement within the community. Currently, we offer programs for those interested in pursuing a careers in the field of Construction, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Coding, and Catering/Food Services. 
E-ASCENT also provides support to youth who are preparing themselves for post secondary education and are looking for summer or part time employment.

Build Your Future (Construction Trades Training Program): With the growing demand for housing and other facilities in the region, coupled with the shortage of skilled workers in field of construction, the objective of this program is to significantly contribute to the existing need for construction trade workers. Click here for more info!

Agriculture Training Program: With the support from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and with our partners who are agriculture business owners in the St. John’s Metropolitan Area, ANC is geared up to provide training to newcomers and refugees to encourage the uptake of farming and help address food insecurity. Click here for more info!

Newcomer Entrepreneurship Training Program: There is a growing interest in the field of entrepreneurship in NL. There are lots of advantages in promoting the entrepreneurship culture in the newcomer community including continuous growth and development of the economy, improving standard of living, and creating jobs. Click here for more info!

Youth Pathways Program: This program is aimed at supporting and empowering refugee and newcomer youth between the ages of 15 to 30 to navigate a broad scope of educational and employment opportunities. It provides educational and employment consultation, and equips newcomer youth with essential skills as they prepare for employment. Click here for more info!

Coding for Success
: Launched in January 2022, the aim of the program is to provide an opportunity for the newcomer population to learn about coding/programming and to explore career opportunities. 
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Cook to Connect
: Launched in 2021, the aim of the program is to provide an opportunity for the newcomer population to learn about skills in catering services and food delivery and further their career prospects. 
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Our Sponsors

Our Partners

Our Advisors

  • Dev Leonard, President – NorthBrook construction
  • Jackie Manuel, P.Eng, Chief Executive Officer, NLCSA
  • Dean Byrne, Manager, Industrial Training, The Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills, Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division
  • Max Day, CAN-AM Platforms and Construction Ltd
  • OJ Lien – Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture 
  • Evan Murray – Murray’s Garden Centre
  • Aaron Rogers – O’Brien Farm Foundation
  • Aaron Hickey – Hickeys Greenhouses


If you have any further questions and/or are looking for more information:
Please contact Nataliya Boyko at specialprograms@ancnl.ca