25 May 2022

Operation Afghan Safety – Private Sponsorship of Refugees

Operation Afghan Safety – Private Sponsorship of Refugees
The Government of Canada and Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is welcoming Afghans through a special humanitarian program for those nationals who are currently outside of Afghanistan.
In conjunction with IRCC, the ANC has capacity to help 25 Afghans immigrate to NL through this program.
The ANC invites the general public to reach out with their interest to sponsor Afghans through this program.
Sponsorship includes a one-year financial commitment along with the ability to help newcomers resettle in our province.
Eligibility under this program include vulnerable Afghan nationals who identify as:
• LGBTI individuals
• Persecuted Religious Minorities
• Human Rights Defenders
• Women Leaders
• Journalists
For more information, please email psrancnl@gmail.com or call 709-552-8451.
Or visit Supporting Afghan nationals: Special measures for Afghan applications