26 May 2022

CITIZENSHIP WEEK: In his quest to become a Canadian citizen, Abdallah Maktof also found love

In his quest to become a Canadian citizen, Abdallah Maktof also found love.

On a cold November evening in 2014, Abdallah Maktof arrived in St. John’s from Lebanon. He found both a community of support and a friend who changed his life forever.

Canada was not Abdallah’s destination of choice at first, but he later realized it was the right choice.

“When I lived in Lebanon, I applied to the USA, then I waited for a long time. When I changed my application from the USA to Canada, I waited only two months,” he said.

Abdallah, who is a former chef, was met by ANC’s settlement team at the airport the night of his arrival and provided with dinner and a temporary residence on Elizabeth Avenue.

Unfazed by the fall weather the next morning, he walked downtown St. John’s to explore his new community.

“I was Canadian right away,” he laughed.

Last week, Abdullah’s fiance, Marlene Porter, proudly announced via email: “The newest Canadian will be Abdallah Maktof, originally from Iraq.”

“She’s very good,” Abdallah says, expressing his admiration for his finance. “Black, white, or Muslim, she is always kind to everyone. She’s my balance, you know?”
Abdallah and Marlene’s summer will be filled with marriage plans, as well as an opportunity to connect with Abdallah’s extended family in Iraq, and loved ones he hasn’t seen in 20 years.

“When I left, my brother had no children,” he said with a smile of disbelief. “His son is now married with a son of his own.”

In spite of the passage of time, Abdallah appreciates being able to reunite with his family overseas as a Canadian citizen.

It is a new and exciting adventure that is just beginning with Marlene by his side.

To become a Canadian citizen you must pass the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Are you aware that ANC can help you prepare for the test, review important documents, and let you take the exam virtually at our St. John’s English Language school while this format is available?

To learn more, please call 726-6848 or email linc@ancnl.ca.

Access the Discover Canada study guide: https://www.canada.ca/…/publicatio…/discover-canada.html