09 Jun 2021

RFP: Project evaluation

Request for Proposals

Support, Empower, Access (SEA): A Holistic Approach to
Supporting Immigrant and Migrant Survivors of Human Trafficking

The Association for New Canadians (ANC) is seeking an experienced Consultant to develop and deliver an evaluation process for the SEA project, a 32-month initiative designed to develop and implement promising intervention practices to advance knowledge regarding human trafficking, build community capacity among stakeholders, and enhance supports for immigrants and migrants who are survivors of human trafficking or who are at risk of human trafficking. Utilizing an intersectional and GBA+ approach, the Consultant will be expected to:

● Engage with the Project Advisory Group and Project Coordinator to develop a formative evaluation framework that includes measurement of key performance indicators (e.g. data analysis and consultation with key informants and focus groups);
● Develop an assessment tool for pre- and post-testing related to the effectiveness of the model;
● Deliver and analyze results emanating from the pre- and post-test assessment;
● Assess the success and effectiveness of project outcomes;
● Prepare a “What We Heard” document at the midpoint of the project;
● Provide progress reports as required by the funder; and,
● Provide a final report

Reporting Procedures
The Consultant will meet regularly with the Project Advisory Group and Project Lead to review progress. The “What We Heard” document, progress reports, and final report will be presented as per the project timeline. The final report will include an executive summary, an overview of activities carried out, “What We Heard,” a conclusion, and recommendations for continued implementation of the project.

The successful bidder will commence work immediately. The evaluation will span the entire duration of the project – from July 5, 2021 to March 31, 2024.

The Consultant will prepare two copies of the final report with appropriate attachments. The reports will be delivered in PDF and hard copy formats. Copies of all data collected will become part of the report.

The Consultant should possess knowledge of human trafficking research in general and among migrants/immigrants, an understanding of programs and services designed to combat human trafficking among migrants and immigrants, and a minimum of two years of experience working with similar client groups and/or stakeholders.

The ANC will review and accept proposals up to a total of $40,000 plus HST. Consultants are strongly encouraged to include in their submission the hiring of a newcomer project assistant.

The submission shall include information on previous experience as it relates to the project; a preliminary description of the methodological approach and implementation plan utilizing intersectionality and GBA+, a brief overview of deliverables and timetables, and a breakdown of costs as it relates to the above noted deliverables. The breakdown of costs should include:

● Number of hours assigned to this project and detail the number of hours by each team member per component and the fees for each team member;
● The total price for this project should be stated with subtotals for each component of the project/work.

Proposals will be accepted by email in PDF format. Proposals (5 pages maximum) should be emailed to shaghighi@ancnl.ca no later than Sunday, June 27, 2021 by 11:59 pm (NST). 

Interested Consultants are encouraged to email shaghighi@ancnl.ca should they require additional information.

The Association for New Canadians does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid.