19 May 2021

Researcher seeks employees (immigrant and non-immigrant) for consultations

To develop a better understanding of the settlement needs of newcomers in the provincial labour market, the ANC is partnering with Dr. Tony Fang on a series of consultations with immigrant and non-immigrant employees throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.
At this time, we are recruiting participants for in-person sessions in St John’s (only) from May 29 to May 30. The project will also include a series of consultations throughout the province, with dates and locations to be determined.
Participation is encouraged from both immigrant and non-immigrant employees, working full-time, part-time or seasonal.
As the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Economic and Cultural Transformation for Memorial University, Dr. Fang was recently awarded the Research Partner Award for his immigration research which has helped to build relationships with important community organizations.
Learn more about Dr. Fang’s ongoing work: https://www.mun.ca/jchair/