10 Mar 2021

2021 ANC Health and Wellness Fair

Welcome to the ANC’s Annual Health and Wellness Fair!
Although the event looks a little different this year as we adapt to current circumstances, we are thankful for technology that allows us to continue to promote local health care services and increase health education for newcomers.
CLICK HERE for the 2021 ANC Health and Wellness Fair: http://bit.ly/3t7PIzI.
Through the 2021 Virtual Health Fair, we are hoping to inspire, provide tools and resources, and ultimately, to create a healthier community. We have a variety of the health fair “booths” covering topics such as mental health, women’s health, seniors, nutrition and physical, and general health.
Vendors such as Eastern Health have also included external links for further information and learning. (If you click on these eternal links, they will open in another tab, and you can return to the health fair tab once you are finished with the external link.)
By attending the health fair, participants can also be entered to win prizes to support their wellness! To participate, we have created a scavenger hunt, located at http://bit.ly/3bAFRwk. Every submission will be entered to win the prize, with the draw taking place March 31. The contest is open to all newcomers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador!
Recognizing that English language levels are diverse, we encourage participants to complete the scavenger hunt if they are able. Completing one or all questions is sufficient for an entry.
If you have any questions about the 2021 Virtual Health Fair, please email information@ancnl.ca.
We wish you good health and good luck!