30 Oct 2020

From Pumpkins to Podcasts: Halloween Fun at the ANC!

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is always fun – and especially exciting when it’s your first time! 
Saboura Hibrahim arrived in St. John’s from the Central African Republic last December, right before Christmas and Snowmageddon.
While the experience of migrating to Canada as a refugee was far from enjoyable, Saboura has risen to the challenge and is appreciative of her new home and surroundings.
And its customs.
On Thursday, she attended the ANC’s pumpkin-carving event — the first of many things the Level III student is excited about for her first Halloween.
“It’s great, and something I’ve never done before,” said Saboura, who speaks English, French, Arabic, and Sango.
As part of the ANC’s Children and Youth Programs’ Youth Group — offered for students in Junior High and High School — Saboura helped carve designs onto pumpkins with fellow students from Leary’s Brook Jr. High, Brother Rice Jr. High, MacDonald Drive Jr. High, Prince of Wales Collegiate, Holy Heart of Mary, and Gonzaga.
While Halloween is typically a North American celebration that may need some extra explaining to newcomers, Tilak Chawan, Child and Youth Programs Coordinator, said the students are focusing both on the fun — and the social aspects — of the season.
Recalling a conversation with a few of the students on the drive home from pumpkin carving, he says the occasion has extra meaning this year.
“They told me they were very pleased to see their friends from different schools and learn about how they were doing, since it’s difficult to meet each other with COVID-19 protocols in place,” said Chawan.
“They are also incredibly grateful to be still attending programs like this and go to school everyday, because it is not the same back in their countries right now.”
These special visitors from our Community Connections division helped us celebrate Halloween this week at the office.
Lots of smiling faces from the kiddos as they received their sweet treats!
Our Diversity and Public Education team is always having fun! 
On Friday, they took a break from producing the full first episode of Global Frequencies to enjoy Halloween festivities! 
Global Frequencies is an audio show dedicated to profiling diverse voices, perspectives and stories throughout the province.
The first episode will air on CHMR 93.5 this coming Wednesday, November 4 @ 7 pm, and every second Wednesday after that.
After the show airs it will be available on Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast! 
Happy Halloween from all of us at the ANC!