23 Oct 2020

2020 Grad Celebration at Lester’s Farm Market

Nothing, not even the cancellation of his high school graduation ceremony earlier this year, can take away Mamdouh Alfaoury’s ambition.
“I’d really like to become a police officer with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary – I just want to make a difference in a good way,” said Alfaoury, originally from Syria.
Alfaoury is currently studying at College of the North Atlantic and working part-time in the service industry.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic – which forced high schools throughout the country to cancel public graduation ceremonies – the Association for New Canadians’ Children and Youth programs division treated Alfaoury and other newcomer graduate clients to a visit at Lester’s Farm Market and their Field of Fun and Pumpkinfest.
                           Mamdouh Alfaoury
Recognizing the potential of younger newcomers, and the important role they hold in the future of the province, the ANC’s Children and Youth programs support the students’ social and personal development and help them to attain success in school.
Along with the challenges Canadian-born youth face, newcomer students often deal with cultural and language barriers, including potential past trauma.
With COVID-19 added to the mix for this year’s crop of graduates – who attended either Holy Heart of Mary High School, Gonzaga High, or School Prince of Wales Collegiate – the afternoon at Lester’s was a chance to “acknowledge and appreciate the students’ hard work and commitment, and adjustment to life in Canada,” said Tilak Chawan, a Child and Youth Programs Coordinator with the ANC.
The Association for New Canadians congratulates each of the graduates as they continue to shape their lives, and the world around us!
Samar Khalifa Abdelgadir
Aline Amisi Alemebe
Tasneem Aless
Basma Alfaoury
Mamdouh Alfaoury
Deng Alier
Soha Alsheikh
Marwa Askar
Naima Ayub
Misgana Hagos
Ferhat Hagos
Antigona Haziri
Mohamed Omar Maarouf
(Milka) Fenan Maasho
Abdelsalem Younis Mahmoud
Hamdo Omer Mohamed
Mukhtar Omer Mohamed
Bahrije Muric
Gloria Mwadi
Yumna Sakkar
Abdul Rahman Shbat
Natnael Debesai Tewelde
Meriam Zakaria Adam Yahia