12 Jul 2020

Sonia on Sunday: Replacing your PR card

When you arrived in Canada and became a permanent resident you received a document called Confirmation of Permanent Residence. A short while after, your Permanent Residence Card was mailed to you via post.
In today’s article I will provide you with some information on what happens if your PR card never arrived or if you accidentally lost it. I will also discuss how often you have to apply for a new PR card (due to the expiration date).

Sonia Krajewska is the ANC’s Community Settlement and Integration Counsellor (Permanent Residents).

The Permanent Residence Card is an extremely important document and you must carry it with you while travelling to Canada. But things happen and sometimes the card is lost or misplaced.

Here is a quick guide which you need to follow in the instance when you lose your PR card.

Lost card when outside of Canada
If you lost your card while outside of Canada, you must go to the nearest visa office to apply for a PR travel document (PRTD) to return to Canada.

Find your visa office here.

When you return to Canada you then will need to apply for PR card to be mailed to you again.

Application when inside of Canada 
You will need to fill out an application to receive a new PR card.

Documents, as always, are downloaded from the Government website. You need to make sure you download the most recent forms.

Once you have filled out the application you will also need to attach supporting documents:

  • Valid Passport or Travel Document
  • Two passport size photos
  • Proof of payment for the processing fee
  • Solemn Declaration if your PR card was lost, stolen, destroyed, or never received  

The forms you need are at this link.

Once the application is ready, mail it to Case Processing Centre in Sydney. The address is on your application form. We recommend using registered mail so you can track your package and be sure that it arrived in the CPC Sydney.

How long will you wait for your new card?
Processing times vary and change regularly so you will need to refer to the government website for current processing times. It is usually at least a few months when you are renewing or replacing your card. You will wait less time if it is your first PR Card.

You can check current processing times here.  

Expiry of the PR card 
Most cards are valid for 5 years. Before your card even expires you might want to apply for Canadian citizenship (as discussed in my previous article). But if for some reason you decide not to apply for grant of citizenship and want to remain a Permanent Resident of Canada you can certainly do that. That being said, your original PR card will expire after the period of 5 years.

If your card is expired or will expire in less than 9 months you will need to send your application to CPC Sydney, exactly the same way as discussed above in the case of lost card. Form IMM 5444 (Application for a Permanent Resident Card) is required.


There is a processing fee of $50 for the PR card. Please note that this amount is subject to change and your best bet is to check the most recent fee on the government website.

If you need support with application for your PR card reach out to the ANC. We can assist you with the process.

If you have any questions about Settlement and Integration in NL, please contact me at skrajewska@ancnl.ca


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