02 Jun 2020

Services available for temporary residents

Infographic: services to temporary residents

The Association for New Canadians is a multi-faceted organization, offering a wide of variety of services to all kinds of newcomers to Canada. At the ANC’s nine locations in the province, the organization offers ESL training, settlement and resettlement services, career and work planning, and many other programs that help people settle into life in Canada, and particularly in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Most people know that the ANC is one of Canada’s leading refugee settlement organizations; not everybody is aware that the organization also offers services to many different categories of non-Canadian citizens.

Sophia Solomon is the ANC’s Community Settlement/Integration Counselor. In that capacity, she works with temporary residents (including international students and temporary foreign workers), helping them get settled in their new communities. This could include providing information about required government applications. Others may need particular services offered by the ANC or other community organizations and Sophia will provide appropriate contact information.

So many factors are involved in successfully settling into a community, from learning about schools for one’s children to finding out where churches are located and what community work is available. Temporary residents are invited to contact Sophia by e-mail or by phone (709-552-4736).