03 May 2020

Sonia on Sundays: Adopt a pet, improve your well-being and happiness

Pets can certainly boost the mood of people, and they have a lot of benefits for our sense of well-being. Many recent studies show that pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Playing with pets elevates levels of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals in the human body that make people feel more relaxed and happy.

Sonia Krajewska

As an animal lover and a pet owner, I cannot recommend enough how beneficial it is to surround yourself with furry babies – especially at this time, when we are distanced from co-workers, friends and even family members.

Pets will provide you with a needed companionship. Some will increase your daily exercise and almost all can help reduce anxiety. They will teach your children how to be responsible for more vulnerable ones, and how to care and love other creatures. They will help you find more joy in your daily life at home.

Now that you are spending more time at home, it might be a good time to consider adopting a pet who will become your family member and improve your happiness and sense of well-being.

Here are some contact details for some of the adoption agencies and rescue organizations which can connect you with your future furry baby. (Note that some are operating a little differently these days because of COVID-19 health regulations.)

When adopting a pet, you must consider all aspects of having one such as; the cost of owning a pet, the allergies you or your family members might have or the time and effort it takes. Understanding the impact, it will have on your household is crucial.

Let’s be clear; with pets come drawbacks too (as I type this, my cat lies on my lap making it almost impossible for me to reach my laptop. The same cat woke me up before 6 a.m. today by rummaging through my drawers in the kitchen and meowing as if to warn me that the house was on fire). But no matter how many glasses she pushes over the edge of the counter, and how many times she angrily chases my dog around the house I always look at her and say “Aww, can you be any cuter?”

When all is said and done, after considering all pieces of the puzzle it’s very likely that the advantages of having a pet will outweigh the cost and sacrifices of having them. If you believe you and your family can commit to having a pet, then I hope that you will become a happy parent to a furry baby adopted from one of the adoption centers I listed.

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