24 Mar 2020

ANC’s work continues through COVID-19 crisis

Message from ANC Executive Director Megan Morris:

In these very challenging times The Association for New Canadians remains committed to delivering the vital programs and services to support newcomer clients and other permanent residents as well as temporary residents across Newfoundland and Labrador. While our offices are closed, our dedicated staff continues to offer a full array of services and supports through telephone, online, and email as well as critical in person services

We are dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of our clients, and to maintaining collaborative relationships with our federal, provincial, municipal and community partners. ESL classes, settlement services, employment assistance, satellite office activities and other core/essential programs continue via telephone or online methods.

While in-person group activities are suspended, I am excited by the innovative thinking and creativity that our team is demonstrating as they develop and deliver enhanced programming through a diverse array of delivery options. The resettlement/settlement team continues to connect to individuals and families to ensure they feel supported and to maintain vital community connections. Our ESL classes are going ahead as online virtual classrooms or via telephone, as appropriate to client needs. Employment counselling and programming continues to be delivered virtually or by phone while employers are supportive and planning for the future.

We are also assisting newcomers to use the 811 Covid 19 screening tool, call 811, and engage in community efforts to flatten the curve. Project work such as the 2Gether Youth Mental Health initiative continues in its efforts to explore how to foster multi-cultural concepts of mental health and well-being. We have held a virtual volunteer orientation and student coffee break, and have scheduled an online yoga class for newcomers. A new Facebook page, Newcomer Community Connections, highlights activities and will, we hope, strengthen a province-wide community.

Thank you to all those who have offered us tremendous support throughout this process: staff members for their flexibility, clients for their patience, and our partners outside the ANC who have helped with support and modifying public systems in the best interests of our clients.

The ANC continues to adhere to the guidelines of public health officials from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, and to communicate these to our clients and staff.

Please feel free to contact, by e-mail or telephone, any staff member with whom you have been working. If you are unsure where to direct your inquiry, please phone 722-9680 or e-mail information@ancnl.ca

Megan Morris,
Executive Director