Gustavo Furlanetto

Gustavo Furlanetto first came to AXIS Career and Employment Services in September 2015 for assistance in seeking employment in the St. John’s area. He left his job as a Market Intelligence Analyst in Brazil to join his wife who was studying at Memorial University. Although he did not have a Canadian education or work experience, Gustavo quickly secured a job in the food service industry and began learning about the Canadian workplace culture, developing his communication skills, and building networking opportunities. Gustavo began a 16-week Energy Sector

Workplace Training Program when he registered with AXIS. Thanks to his determination and persistence, he was able to make a smooth transition into a full-time, six-month contract position with the Provincial Government’s Statistics Department. In August 2016, he began a full-time position with Provincial Airlines as a Statistical Analyst and is now embracing the opportunity to use his skills and abilities.

When asked about AXIS, Gustavo said: “[they were] a key element in my transition to the Canadian job market. I had the opportunity to hone my employability skills, expand my resume and prepare for interviews. I was also given the support and orientation needed to boost my confidence and succeed in a new culture and work environment.”