Preparation and the Resume

Application Forms: Many companies have application forms. You may be able to take the application home to complete, fill it out in the office if you have all the information needed or apply online.

The Resume: There are various ways of writing a resume. You can look up sample resumes in books or on-line. A resume is a written summary of your work experience and education. You should also include any volunteer work you have completed. Once a full list has been prepared, talk to a career counsellor at the ANC, AXIS Career Services or a local Service Canada centre outside St. John’s.

Cover Letter: Some companies will ask for a cover letter. A cover letter is simply a review of your most relevant experience and is written to match specific job requirements. When applying for a job, each letter should include the name of the person hiring and the name of the company. If you do not know who is hiring, then you should just address it to the company.

Supporting Documentation and Credentials: You should ensure that your diplomas, certificates, degrees, as well as any letters of reference are professionally translated. Additionally, many credentials from other countries are acceptable in Canada, however some are not. Before your look for a job or pursue post-secondary education, your certificates should be translated and evaluated. The procedures for evaluating and recognizing qualifications earned outside Canada will depend on whether you wish to enter an occupation or pursue further studies, whether your chosen occupation is regulated or non-regulated, and the province/territory in which you have settled.

It is important to discuss this with a Career Practitioner at AXIS Career Services. If you live outside the city, you can contact AXIS for information by email at or by telephone at (709) 579-1780 (long-distance charges may apply).

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