AXIS Employment Services

Newcomers who are Permanent Residents or have a valid work permit may participate in the following:

Pre-Employment Skills Development Training: Through individual employment counselling and group workshops, newcomers  are provided with current information and practical tools to assist with making informed career decisions, understanding the Canadian workplace, preparing for job interviews, and networking. Training programs are available onsite or online.

Bridge-to-Work Programs: AXIS delivers a variety of customized programs to assist newcomers with entry into the local workforce. Internships, STEP Career Training Placements, and Career Focused Mentorships provide newcomers an opportunity to obtain relevant work experience and demonstrate their skills and abilities for local employers.

Advanced/Workplace Communications Training: Newcomers who require assistance with developing their language skills to meet licensure and certification requirements, advance in their careers, or obtain employment in specific sectors may participate in customized onsite workshops or online communications training.

Business Development Support Services (BDSS): provides current information and practical advice for newcomer entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing their own business in Newfoundland and Labrador. Individual support from an Entrepreneurial Coordinator and customized tools have been developed to assist newcomers through developing their business plan or expanding their market share. Participants are also connected to networking opportunities within the business community and professional development organizations.

Additional Services include:

  • Learning Resource Centre / Computer Lab Access;
  • Credential Assessment / Prior Learning Assessment Facilitation;
  • Post-secondary Information and Referrals;
  • Pre-screening and Skills Matching;
  • Onsite Interviews;
  • Recruitment and Information Sessions; and
  • Client/Employer Support for Workplace Integration.

For more information and assistance with finding a job in Newfoundland and Labrador speak to a Career Practitioner with AXIS Career Services at the ANC or visit

10 Smithville Crescent
St. John’s, NL
Phone: 709 579-1780

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