Association for New Canadians

The principal Immigrant Settlement Agency in St. John’s is the Association for New Canadians (ANC) which is funded by IRCC to provide programs and services to help newcomers adapt, settle and integrate into Canadian society.

The ANC is a non-profit, community based organisation that has been in existence for over 35 years. An experienced and dedicated team of employees, with the support of over one hundred volunteers, offer the following programs and services:

A. Settlement, Orientation and Integration Programs

Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP): RAP assists Convention Refugees Abroad and Humanitarian Protected Persons Abroad who are admitted to Canada as Government Assisted Refugees. Upon arrival at the airport in St. John’s, an ANC Settlement Counsellor and an Interpreter meet the Government Assisted Refugees. They provide them with temporary accommodations at the Association’s Reception House where a live-in coordinator welcomes newcomers and provides information and support. Over the following 4-6 weeks newcomers participate in orientation sessions that provide information about living in Canada, relevant federal and provincial programs, financial issues, laws, rights and responsibilities, healthcare, education, employment, and other related topics.

Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP): ISAP assists immigrants with their settlement and integration needs. The program offers direct services such as orientation, translation and interpretation (conditions apply), referral to community resources, solution focused counselling, and employment related assistance.

Women’s Group: This program provides newcomer women with the opportunity to improve their English language skills while participating in educational, recreational and social activities. This initiative is based on key partnerships with community and women’s groups in order to build supportive relationships and networks.

Special Events and Activities: The Association coordinates a variety of special events and activities including Family Sports Day, volunteer recognition events, Refugee Week celebrations, holiday celebrations and observances, among others.

For more information on Settlement and Orientation programs call (709)722-9680 or email

B. Volunteer Programs (

Newcomer Match Program: This program matches permanent residents with volunteers who help them adjust to life in Canada. Volunteers can help newcomers in a variety of ways including helping to familiarize them with their new community, practice English or French, develop work contacts, and assist with routine activities including banking, shopping and using local transit.

One-on-One Tutoring: This program provides support to newcomers who are learning English as a Second Language. Volunteer tutors are matched with newcomers who require one-on-one assistance in learning English. Tutoring resources are available.

ESL In-Class Assistance: This program provides support to adult learners under the guidance of an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher in a school setting. Volunteers are matched with clients who require one-on-one assistance in addition to classroom instruction. The instructors provide direction and resources to volunteers.

Afterschool Program: Volunteers assist newcomer youth improve their linguistic, academic and social competencies, one day per week, through dedicated classroom instruction and homework support. The program also promotes community involvement and participation in a wide array of extracurricular activities delivered by local schools and community organizations.

Academic Tutoring: The Academic Tutor Program pairs volunteers with English as a Second Language (ESL) students in grades K-12 to help teach English and/or other school subjects. Volunteers meet with their student for two hours a week for a minimum of six months

C. English as a Second Language (ESL) Training

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Program

LINC is a federally funded English as a Second Language program delivered in accordance with nationally established standards. The aim of the program is to assist adult learners in acquiring the language skills necessary to settle and integrate into Canadian society. Computer assisted language instruction, as well as instruction in basic computer technology, are part of the program of study.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the LINC program, participants must have Permanent Resident status in Canada or be an individual to whom Citizenship and Immigration Canada intends to grant Permanent Resident status.

These services are provided free of charge to Permanent Residents.

Other participants may be eligible for admission with a valid Student Authorization from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In addition, night classes are available free of charge for Canadian citizens and others who may not be able to attend classes during the day. Contact the Association for New Canadians for more information on these programs.

Admission: Enrolment is on a continuous intake basis and applicants can usually begin classes within a few days of their assessment test. Classes are held at the ESL Adult Training Centre located on Smithville Crescent in St. John’s. In partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Association also coordinates the delivery of language training throughout the province.

Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment: Upon registration, learners are assessed using the Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA). This nationally standardized assessment tool ensures that learners are placed at the appropriate instructional level.

Placement: Following the assessment process, individuals are assigned to classes in one of eight benchmark levels: two foundation and levels 1-6.

D. Related Services

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Preparation Course:

These classes are offered on a regular basis to help clients prepare for these examinations. The successful completion of one of these examinations is a pre-requisite for many post-secondary programs or for licensure in particular professions.

Child Minding/Day Care: On-site child minding and day care services are available for children between the ages of one and five (some conditions apply). The organization offers programs to support pre-school children’s integration, as well as to assist them in preparing for the Canadian school system. Programs include literacy supports, music, reading circle, partnerships with mainstream organizations as well as seminars for parents on such topics as nutrition, health and parenting.

Transportation: Transportation to and from school is available (some conditions apply).

For more information on English as a second language training call (709)726-6848 or email

E. Employment

Most settlement agencies have specialized programs and services designed to assist newcomers in finding a job. The ANC offers employment support programs with funding from Service Canada and the provincial Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. Known as Acquiring Experience: Integrating Skills (AXIS), this unit offers a suite of employment assistance programs and services to internationally educated professionals and trades persons.

The courses and services are designed to meet the unique needs of newcomers and include:

Career Essentials provides internationally educated skilled professionals and trades persons with current information on Canadian labour market conditions and provides comprehensive employment assistance services. Career Essentials helps match highly skilled newcomers with employers across all industry sectors to fill a wide range of positions.

Strategic Transitions and Employment Partnerships (STEP) is a career placement program connecting local businesses with job-ready international clients. In a 5-12 week volunteer placement, clients are able to demonstrate skills and talent, gain work experience in Canada, and make valuable contacts for future employment.

Career Connections Workshops are a series of workshops which provide clients with detailed information and practical tools to help them make informed decisions and to assist them in their job search. These workshops include self-assessment and skills identification, resume preparation, telephone communication skills, job interview skills, internet job searches, networking, and help on how to access the “hidden job” market.

Occupation-Specific Language Training (OSLT) provides job specific language training and communication skills to help prepare for success in the local labour market.

Portfolio Preparation Seminars assists clients to explore their skills, knowledge and personal attributes in order to create a profile of prior learning. This profile provides an opportunity to showcase your strengths, abilities and experience to potential employers.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC) Preparation classes are offered on a regular basis to assist clients in examination preparation. The successful completion of one of these examinations is a pre-requisite for many post-secondary programs or for licensure in particular professions.

Additional Services include:

  • Learning Resource Centre / Computer Lab Access;
  • Credential Assessment / Prior Learning Assessment Facilitation;
  • University Preparedness Seminars;
  • Employer Liaison; and,
  • Business Development Support Services.

For information and advice on finding a job in Newfoundland and Labrador speak to a Career Counsellor with the AXIS program at the Association for New Canadians.


10 Smithville Crescent
St. John’s, NL
Phone: 709 579-1780

F. Public Education, Research and Capacity Building

In order to support integration and build capacity for the immigrant community in Newfoundland and Labrador, the ANC embarks on a variety of activities including:

  • Diversity and Organizational Change Presentations and Workshops
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness Information
  • Research
  • Coordinating Committee on Newcomer Integration

For more information on the resources, programs and services offered by the ANC, please contact the Association at:

Association for New Canadians
144 Military Road
St. John’s, NL
Telephone: (709) 722 – 9680
Fax: (709) 726-5503

Mailing Address
Association for New Canadians
Box 2031 Station ‘C’
St. John’s, NL

Association for New Canadians, 144 Military Road, St. John’s

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