Take a stroll down any main street of any town across Newfoundland and Labrador and you’re bound to find something that’s one of a kind. For the past 500 years, we’ve used our inventiveness and curiosity to create the most unique arts and crafts – everything from fine art to hooked rugs to elegant stoneware pottery that reflects the land and sea that surrounds us.

Popular crafts for tourists are sculptures and carvings created from a range of natural materials. Find beautifully crafted wooden bowls, spoons, and cutting boards made from local trees.

Go for a jaunt and check out the local shops and galleries along Water Street – the oldest street in the oldest city in North America. Window-shop your way in and out of colourful clapboard boutiques and eateries scattered along quirky, vibrant downtown streets. As well as offering plenty of shops – from traditional to funky and contemporary – which are perfect for gifts, you’ll also be tempted to buy for yourself, particularly when it comes to clothing.

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